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Nuttin' better on a hot day!

08/01/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: News, Flickr Photos, Grandparenthood

Nuthin' better on a hot dayPat, Steve, and Chris spent the weekend with Ben, Sage, and Reed in Oak Park. Yes, it was hot! But we cooled off vicariously while Reed played in the backyard pool. He's newly walking (a couple of days), and was very much enjoying this new mode of mobility.

Nuthin' better on a hot day
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Ben and Raggedy Andy at 8 weeks of age

08/15/05 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos, Grandparenthood
Ben and  Andy (8 weeks) Knowing that Reed is, at 8 weeks, paying close attention to faces, we remembered this great photo of Ben from about the same age. Raggedy Andy was Ben's constant companion in the baby swing, and one day we realized that the two of them were having quite a tˆte-a-tête. Great memories!

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Ben Week 1

06/27/05 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos, Grandparenthood
Ben Week 1 Looking at all the photos of Reed prompted Pat and me to dig out the old slides and prints from Ben's infancy. Here's one from his first week! Does he resemble Reed, or is it just that all fair-skinned, bald babies look alike!

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06/21/05 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos, Grandparenthood

Ben with Reed Day 1

Ben with Reed Day 1Pat took this photo of Ben with Reed mid-afternoon on Reed's first day post-partum. What a joy!

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Reed Charles Hirby

06/20/05 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: News, Grandparenthood

My day on Sunday started at 4:15 a.m. in Charlotte, NC. My flight arrangements called for travel from Charlotte through Chicago to Green Bay. Pat made the sensible suggestion that we should try to get to Madison to see the new baby.

After a little spat with United Airlines, during which they relieved me of $100, I was able to rearrange my original schedule to go to Madison from Charlotte rather than to Green Bay. Meanwhile, Pat left Appleton to drive to Milwaukee to pick up Chris and then headed on to Madison. Ben gave me a lift from the airport to the hospital, where we found Paul and Bette visiting Sage and the soon-to-be-named Reed. Gerri arrived shortly thereafter, and Pat and Chris a bit later, and then Sara and Jeff.

We had a wonderful(!) afternoon of blended, interwoven families. Perhaps it was a bit too much for Sage, who is still tired. But baby Reed got a thorough exam by grandfather Paul – who pronounced him an APGAR 10 – and much holding and cuddling by all concerned. Many photos were taken, many oohs and aahs were heard, and we all just basked in the glow of that very special newborn.

Later, Lori, Lynn, and Ruby came to visit. Lori is due soon, and Ruby had a chance to practice being big sister with Reed.

This has all been quite a moving experience for all of us. Speaking for myself, and perhaps for lots of other grandparents out there, I don't know exactly how it happens that we are drawn so immediately and completely and irresistibly to our children's children. There are lots of jokes and quips about grandparenthood, especially in comparison with parenthood, but I don't think any of them expresses for me the sheer joy and exhilaration and utter magnetism of this experience.


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