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Sawtooth Mountains Backpacking

08/20/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos

Lunch break (and foot break!)It was about lunchtime on Wednesday, August 9. We were on the last leg of the hike from Toxaway Lake back to Pettit Lake and home. We hiked in the previous Sunday and had spent three night together on the trail. Over Snowyside Pass from Alice Lake, down into the Toxaway drainage, up on Tuesday to Sandy Mountain and a quick look into the Edna Lake drainage.

With only about three miles to go, it was time for lunch. Plus, my knee hurt, my feet hurt, and I was tired! Even so, the joy, thrill, and beauty of our four days together -- Ben, Mike, Chris, and Dad -- was very much on my mind. It was the first experience at backpacking for all of us except Mike, who was our organizer, leader, and guide. Also it was the first time all the Hirby "boys" had spent such sustained time together. We had a wonderful time, and if the three of us who are married can persuade our wives that the benefits of our being away outweigh the costs, we may do it again!

Lunch break (and foot break!)
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Nuttin' better on a hot day!

08/01/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: News, Flickr Photos, Grandparenthood

Nuthin' better on a hot dayPat, Steve, and Chris spent the weekend with Ben, Sage, and Reed in Oak Park. Yes, it was hot! But we cooled off vicariously while Reed played in the backyard pool. He's newly walking (a couple of days), and was very much enjoying this new mode of mobility.

Nuthin' better on a hot day
Originally uploaded by hirbyfam.


Mike behind the boat

07/26/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: News, Flickr Photos

Mike behind the boatTom and Nyla hosted Mike, Schatzi, Pat, and Steve for a wonderful weekend in the Iowa Great Lakes. One of the treats was the chance to water ski on West Lake Okoboji. As you can see in the background, the sailboats were out for a regatta. Schatzi went first, Steve followed, and Mike wrapped it up, doing a great job on skis.

Of course without Tom at the wheel and Nyla rooting for the skiers, none of it would have happened at all.

Mike behind the boat
Originally uploaded by hirbyfam.


Lawrence Memorial Chapel

05/10/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos

Lawrence Memorial ChapelIt was a beautiful morning, the campus was nearly empty, ornamental plantings were in bloom, cars on College Avenue were few, and I took advantage of the opportunity to try out my new camera. The Lawrence campus is especially pretty in spring, and it's fun to try to capture a bit of that beauty in photos.

The camera is working pretty well, don't you think!

Lawrence Memorial Chapel
Originally uploaded by hirbyfam.


My how Reed is growing!

04/15/06 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Flickr Photos

My how you're growing, little man.Pat always brings back wonderful photos of Reed from her weekly trips. This one stood out to both of us because of the way it highlights his increasingly mature face. Note, too, that he has hair now!

My how you're growing, little man.
Originally uploaded by hirbyfam.


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